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The age of media-induced outrage

Here’s me leaning in on the recent Chris Gayle scandal.

Scrolling through the comments sections on various rehashed versions of the story, I noticed all the critics of the uniform ‘sexism’ angle were male.

Hear my stanch addition to the conversation: Piers Morgan and his merry band of re-tweeters and I miraculously agree on something.

Asking someone out on a date is not sexist.

Asking someone out on a date when she’s interviewing you, live, is not sexist. Somewhat awkward? Yes. But not sexist.

I fear with the media’s kneejerk labelling of every uncomfortable male-female interaction as sexist, men are becoming fearful, wussy cardboard cut-outs. I’ve experienced this. Being asked out is about as likely as there being a politically incorrect viewpoint in a major news publication.

The ill effects of this can be worse. With the advent of self-righteous, hypersensitive ‘feminism’, a burgeoning number of men feel the need to virtually recouping power via violent porn. This can translate to real life, where sexual encounters, even if consensual, can still be awful for women.

To prevent romantic alienation and shitty sex, this time, its women, and editors, who need to grow a pair.




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